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Another $1m Canadian Lotto Max win for Newfoundland
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The area of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada has been really lucky recently when it comes to lottery winners. Lester Hillier and Barbara Thomas of Grand Falls, Windsor added to that success with a $1m win in the Lotto Max “Max Millions” draw on May 29.Hillier and Thomas are the province's 12th major lottery winners in the last six months. They join Danielle Stamp and Chris Ward from Newfoundland who also won $1m and Celestine Tarrrant who won a big scratchcard prize.The couple collected their winning lottery cheque at Atlantic Lottery Corp. headquarters in St John's on Wednesday (June 3). Lester joked: "We haven't spent five cents yet."Their big Lotto Max win was slowly sinking in and Hillier added that they had "checked the bank account this morning, and the money's there - that makes it a little more real."It was the day after the Lotto Max draw that Hillier decided to check their numbers online and got the shock of his life: "The first two numbers match, then I look at the next two numbers, and they match, and then the last three digits - and they match", he said.The shocked lottery winner just turned to his wife and said "Barb, what would you say if I told you we won a million dollars?" Just like EuroMillions winner Angela Maxwell, Thomas thought he was joking and answered him "Don't be saying that" and told him not to tease her. Then they both looked again at the winning numbers and the win was no joke.Just like the couple from Bowie in Maryland, the new millionaires, who are government employees, will be retiring with September the planned date. Holidays in the USA are always popular with New York and Death Valley choices and this couple are heading to Hawaii. Other spending plans for their Lotto Max windfall are possibly buying a small motor home, so they can travel across the province and perhaps even across Canada. Similar to the recent Irish Lotto winners, the couple also plan on paying off what is left of the mortgage on their home.What would you do with a million dollars? Purchase your lottery tickets online at and update your wish list.