Big Hugs After $3 million Scratchcard Win

Big Hugs After $3 million Scratchcard Win

Big Hugs After $3 million Scratchcard Win

It’s more than likely that if you were to buy a scratchcard that won $3 million, you’d be rather appreciative to the owner of the store that sold you it. That’s exactly what a man from Chicago, Illinois, USA did.

He’d bought the 200X Payout scratchcard from a 7-Eleven in Mount Prospect where he’s a regular. He then went back to his truck to scratch it off. Then his amazing discovery was made of his $3 million win. He then ran back into the store and gave the owner a big hug.

Amazing prediction

The owner was delighted and only a few weeks ago said to his wife that his regular customer would one day get a big win. Unaware his prediction had come true he scanned the scratchcard. The winner recalled: “You should have seen the shocked look on his face.”

The lucky scratchcard player has opted to remain anonymous but did speak to Illinois officials. He joked: "I'm no stranger to buying tickets — just ask my wife.”

His other half was certainly in for a shock that day. Her husband left the winning scratchcard on the kitchen table. When she saw it and was told it had won $3 million, she said: “Are you messing with me? Is this real?”  It was and now their future is secured.

Hawaii here we come

A holiday in Hawaii is on their spending list. The lucky winner said that it “will be nice to enjoy the win and bask in it a little.” His wife loves travelling and they believe Hawaii will be “the perfect getaway to relax.”  Irishman Peter Lavery went on several holidays after his £10.2 Lotto win.

The couple have been planning their retirement for a while and now this scratchcard win will make it a reality. They’re also going to be moving house in the future. The plan is to move closer to their daughter and son-in-law. That will mean more time can be spent with them and their new grandson who was only recently born, so more hugs are on the way.

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