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Big time EuroMillions winners swap the bentley for a helicopter for shopping trip
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A pair of EuroMillions winners who took home £12.4 million showed that they are certainly enjoying their millionaire status as they flew into Manchester for a shopping trip on a helicopter this weekend.We just told you about another EuroMillions winner who extravagantly gift wrapped a Range Rover, and Sharon and Nigel Mather, who are from the suburb of Sale in Manchester, took themselves off to the Trafford Centre this weekend for a shopping spree but they didn’t get there just any way, they took a helicopter from their home and were flown directly outside of the front door.Just like a recent UK Lotto winner’s wife who took off on a shopping spree immediately, the couple, who won their EuroMillions prize back in 2010, have clearly saved their winnings well as they were greeted at the shopping mall with a red carpet, a team of security staff and a tray of champagne.Recently, another Manchester lottery winner decided to use her prize to help her son get a good start in life, while a syndicate of factory workers also from the North Western city shared £60,000 on the EuroMillions. Following a lavish shopping trip, the couple lugged their haul back to the waiting chopper, only to find that they couldn’t fit everything in the boot, and ended up having to ask a limousine driver to take home the rest of their goodies. “It was actually quite a tight squeeze in the helicopter and we couldn’t get all out shopping on board,” said Mrs Mather of the millionaire couple’s dilemma. “I think we’ll stick to the Bentley in the future.”Of course, the EuroMillions winning couple haven’t quite lost all sense of normality, and the stunt was actually staged as part of The National Lottery’s ‘Nicer Problems to Have’ campaign, which is a marketing study aimed at making fun out of the problems only millionaires could suffer from. The couple admitted that they have spent lavishly since their 2010 win, and they do often struggle to fit all of their booty into the trunk of their Bentley, but taking the helicopter was not quite such a good idea.For your chance of also becoming a millionaire lottery winner, purchase your tickets online at