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Birth of his daughter left man feeling so lucky he won $25,000 on a Kansas Lottery ticket
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After his daughter was born just before Christmas, a man was left feeling lucky, so he bought a Kansas lottery ticket worth $25,000.Ryan Mercia, 33, from Stilwell in Kansas, became a father the weekend before the holidays when his fiancée Jesse gave birth to the couple’s first child, a daughter called Lexi. Two days after the birth, when he headed out to get his partner a snack, he said that the birth had left him feeling lucky, so he bought a Kansas Lottery ticket as well. A man from Dublin had plenty to celebrate after he started a new job, found out he was to become a father, and won the lottery all in the same week.“On Monday morning, the doctor told Jesse that she could have solid food,” the lottery winner said. “and she asked me to go get her a donut from the store. I was feeling so lucky, we just had a baby, it’s almost Christmas, and I saw that sparkly ticket at the register, and I thought I may as well give it a shot.” A Canadian lottery player from Ontario who won big on the Lotto Max while pregnant decided to name her baby after the lottery in celebration.Mr Mercia chose a Holiday Treasures scratch card from the Kansas Lottery, and once he scratched it off he found out it was worth $25,000. “I scratched the ticket off in the store, and couldn’t believe it,” the lucky lottery player said, adding that at first, he thought he’d read it wrong. “It wasn’t until the cashier scanned the ticket that I realised I had won big.”Another Kansas lottery player was recently left shocked by his life-changing scratch card win. The win left Mr Mercia so excited that the doting father forgot to buy his fiancée her donut, but she soon forgave him. A Québec lottery player who went to a supermarket to buy flowers found out she was a Lotto Max millionaire while she was there and forgot all about her flowers.The couple told Kansas Lottery officials that their big win couldn’t have come at a better time, as well as the birth of their first child, they’ve also recently just moved back home to Kansas from California. “This is truly a blessing,” Mr Mercia said. An Australian syndicate which won the Saturday Lotto jackpot of $4.2 million also said it couldn’t have come at a better time.To be in with a chance of winning, why don’t you purchase your tickets online at