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Bolton Barmaid gains £250,000 on a Scratchcard Win But Still Heads to Work
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Bolton Barmaid gains £250,000 on a Scratchcard Win But Still Heads to Work

Karen Whitty was on her way to work as a barmaid when she felt lucky. She headed into a local store to buy a scratchcard that turned out to be a winner. It was to be a great decision as her scratchcard win gained her £250,000.

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The 48-year-old often goes to the shops heading into work at the Rosehill Tavern in Bolton, England. This time she had a lucky feeling and when a scratchcard caught her eye, she had to buy it.She didn’t manage to get out of the shop before finding out if her scratchcard was a winner. She quickly scratched it and couldn’t believe what happened next.

All those Zeros!

“I could not actually believe what I was seeing when it really was a winner and not just a dream – it was all of these zeros flashing in front of my eyes,” said the shocked winner. Instead of celebrating, Karen went to work and completed her shift. Camelot later confirmed the scratchcard win.

Best Christmas Ever

Karen plans to use some of her winnings to enjoy the best Christmas ever. No doubt her five children and seven grandchildren will be looking forward to seeing just what festive presents they will be receiving as she aims to “pull out all the stops.”

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She plans on moving out of her council house and to finally get driving lessons having been unable to afford them in the past. “Now I have the money to spend on nice things like clothes, meals out and special treats for my family, something I’ve not always been able to afford,” she added.

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