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Brand new tractor is on the cards for Paul as his wife wins $18 million on Lotto 649
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A woman from farm country in Ontario, Canada has won a huge prize worth more than $18 million on the national Lotto 649 game, and treating her family is the first thing on her mind.Marilyn Pidlaoan, who is from Rosemont close to Alliston, Ontario, won her $18,308,199.90 prize on the Lotto 649 drawing on January 30th, but she didn’t realise that she had won until almost two weeks later, when she finally had time to get her tickets checked. “I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have time to check my tickets until just yesterday,” said the top prize lottery winner as she claimed her prize at Ontario Lottery headquarters in Toronto, just as John Pirie did when his 35 year lottery playing ritual finally paid off.Also with her at the OLG Prize Centre in the Ontario capital were her husband Paul and their daughter Kristie, and her husband said that he had been very happy to drive her into the city to collect the prize that would change her life forever. “I am more than happy to be Marilyn’s personal chauffeur and I’ll even wear the black hat if she wants me to,” said Paul.Not long after a record breaking Lotto 649 prize was won in Ontario, Mrs Pidlaoan, who is originally from the Philippines, said that she took a stack of tickets with her to her local convenience store to check at the same time, as she’d had so little time to check them after each draw. As she scanned the January 30th ticket, she saw a number flash up and mistakenly thought that she’d won a lot less than she had. “I thought it said $18 thousand so I grabbed my ticket and left the store to call Paul,” she said.However, when her husband arrived at the store, they checked it again together and it was Paul that realised the win was a lot more than first thought. “Marilyn, this is $18 million!” he exclaimed, and Marilyn said that her legs immediately went so wobbly that she needed to be helped to the car. “When we got home, we called the people closest to us, my father in law and our daughter, to share the news,” she said. Just two months ago, a Lotto 649 winner from Toronto vowed that he would pay forward his $24.5 million prize.24 hours later she was claiming the prize, and she said that although she hasn’t had time to quite take in everything that has happened, she knows that she wants to share some of her winnings with her brothers and sisters in the Philippines, and she’d like to pay for her grandson’s education. And, just like Brian Delagardelle’s big purchase after he won $1 million on the Powerball lottery, “Paul is getting a brand new tractor and a nice pair of cowboy boots too,” she smiled.Update your wish list and purchase your lottery tickets online at