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Bright future for Jacob after £1m scratch card win
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Jacob Hodge from Caldicot in Wales was delighted when he had a small win on a National Lottery scratch card. However, he then won £1m on his next one and now wants a new Audi and extremely bright teeth.The lucky National Lottery scratch card winner has recently started a gardening business with Lee Griffiths just a fortnight ago. His part in the business is over though as the 26-year-old plans to stop working now just like Canadian couple Mike and Tricia Montminy who retired after their $26m Lotto Max jackpot. However, fellow Canadian David Primmer said he’d never worked harder after he won nearly $4m playing Lotto Max.His £1m pound winning National Lottery scratch card was purchased from the Co-Operative in Newport Road, Caldicot. He purchased two scratch cards and was pleased when the first one won him £10 but couldn’t believe it when the second made him a millionaire.Griffiths was the first person he told about his National Lottery scratch card win, but he didn’t believe him. Then he left a message for his partner Aimee Dayment before telling his mother. Hodge currently lives with his mother, Amanda, but that will change too as he can now afford to buy his own home for himself and his partner Aimee Dayment, and their three-year-old son.Also, on the shopping list thanks to his National Lottery scratch card win is upgrading of his car. He’s already looking at getting an Audi RS3 to replace his 20009 Seat Leon. Audi’s seem to be popular with Lottery winners as Arthur Howard got one after his £1m EuroMillions win. In Scotland, Letitia Appleton also had plans to buy an Audi after her £30,000 win in the People’s Postcode Lottery draw.Jacob also plans on getting lots of treats for his partner and their child but has a special treat for himself. He wants to get his teeth sorted and plans to spend £3000 on “getting the brightest white you can have.” Diana De Gilio from New Zealand got a new pair of teeth after her £1m EuroMillions windfall.Talking about his big National Lottery scratch card win, Jacob said: “I still feel quite sick about the win really, not like I would have expected to feel at all. It still hasn’t sunk in, although I’ve always said to the boys that I will have a win. It feels unreal.”Play online with us at, for your chance of also becoming a lottery winner.