Brilliant End to 2023 for $2.3m TattsLotto Winners

Brilliant End to 2023 for $2.3m TattsLotto Winners

Brilliant End to 2023 for $2.3m TattsLotto Winners

Four lucky players from Victoria, Australia had the perfect end to 2023. They each won $2.307 million in the TattsLotto Mega Draw held on December 30.

Altogether that draw produced 13 division one winners giving each player an end to the year that they could only have dreamed of.

Lucky numbers

One of the winners came from Footscray and news of his TattsLotto win was revealed on New Year’s Eve. It was an emotional win for him as the numbers he used had previously been used by his late father.

They had produced some wins for him in the past. With a Mega draw taking place, this winner decided it was time for them to be used again. He’s not sure yet how to spend his winnings but said: “It’s going to be a great 2024!”

Oh golly!

Also finding out on New Year’s Eve was a woman from Bendigo. While enjoying a cup of coffee, a phone call was received telling her the incredible news. It came just days after three players each  won a $30 million Australian Powerball prize.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh golly!” was her instant reaction to being told she was a millionaire. The TattsLotto winner added: “I'm surprised I haven’t burst into tears or screamed. I’ll do that after the call!”

Brighton burgers

Another of the winners came from Brighton in Victoria. Her plans for New Year’s Eve suddenly got upgraded after finding out about their TattsLotto windfall.

Her ticket had been purchased using funds from a previous TattsLotto win. Some burgers and a takeaway were being planned to celebrate later that evening. Before that she planned to go out “and have a nice dinner.” 

The win will allow her to pay a few bills, especially her home loan and treat her children. “The rest I want to sit on. I’ll enjoy looking at it in my bank account,” said the delighted winner.

The other winner in Victoria came from Melbourne. Attempts to contact them failed so they possibly went into the new year unaware they were a millionaire.

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