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British Columbia Lotto 649 winner off on a cruise to Alaska!
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A woman from Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada, has won $1 million on the Lotto 649 and has decided to take a cruise with her winnings.Sherry Edwards won her $1 million on the September 1st Lotto 649 drawing, and she told lottery officials that she found out about her good fortune when she was sitting at home in her rocking chair with a cup of tea. “I checked the numbers three times online before realizing I had won,” she said, and revealed that she then took a trip to the Husky gas station in Sahali where she originally bought her ticket to check it again, before calling her son to tell him of her good fortune.“He didn’t believe me until I sent him a picture,” the Lotto 649 winner recalled. “We were so excited.” The lottery winner now plans to use her $1 million prize to fulfil some of her lifelong dreams, and she said that she’ll also help to care for her loved ones. A man from nearby Tappen recently won $500,000 on the Lotto 649 and was planning to build himself a brand-new home with his windfall, while another Kamloops winner was Jason Labby who took home $500,000 on the Lotto Max and wanted to give back to his local community.“I feel blessed and so incredibly grateful,” Ms Edwards said. “I can set up an education fund for my grandchildren and I’ve always dreamed of adopting more dogs in need of a good home.”She is going to treat herself as well though, and with her $1 million Lotto 649 winnings the lucky Kamloops woman plans to buy herself a new truck, just like a recent Mega Millions winner from Tennessee who also wanted a new truck with his winnings and take a cruise to Alaska with her girlfriend. “I wasn’t sure I could afford to go a week ago, but now I know I can make it happen,” the lucky winner said. A man from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, was planning to take a cruise to Panama thanks to his $5 million Lotto 649 win, while cruising after a lottery win appears to be a Canadian thing, as an Ontario teenager who won over $68,000 on the Lotto 649 on his 18th birthday was planning to take his family away on a cruise to celebrate.You could be the next lottery winner, just purchase your tickets online at