Budgie Breeder Flying High after £407,032 Postcode Lottery Win

Budgie Breeder Flying High after £407,032 Postcode Lottery Win

Budgie Breeder Flying High after £407,032 Postcode Lottery Win

A grandfather from East Kilbride in Lanarkshire, Scotland has won a £407,032 Postcode Lottery prize. He knows exactly what his first purchase will be but it’s not a car or a new house.

Gerry Dragoonis is a champion budgie breeder and already has 120 of them. Now he wants to buy a breeding budgie with some of his Postcode Lottery windfall.

He used to breed budgies in the past but other commitments meant that took a back seat. Five years ago he started again and in 2022 won his second best-in-show award at a show held in his native Scotland. He’s hoping a new breeder will lead to more titles being won.

Back to work

There wasn’t too much time for him to celebrate his Postcode Lottery win. Along with his brothers Martin and Michael, the builder and roofer runs a property maintenance firm. After being presented with his winning cheque, he was off back to work.

Once he’d finished work for the day there was going to be a celebration meal. This is the latest big Postcode Lottery win in Scotland.  Last year players in Alloa celebrated a £246,152 windfall.

How else will he use his Postcode Lottery winnings? The shocked winner isn’t totally sure but has a few ideas.

Holiday time

He will be going on a long-overdue holiday with his wife. It won't be too long a break due to his work. “Maybe just a day here and there. We might go to Spain now,” said the Postcode Lottery winner. Helping his family is also going to take place.

Last year he won a classic Ford RS2000. He didn’t want the car though so took a cash prize of £19,000 instead.

Luck runs in the family because his cousin is also a Postcode Lottery winner. He won £250 a few years ago. That led Gerry to think he would win a similar amount. Even so, he said the night before getting his cheque he only slept for a couple of hours but now he’s dreaming of success.

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