Can Mathematics Help You Win the Lottery?

Can Mathematics Help You Win the Lottery?

Can Mathematics Help You Win the Lottery?

How do you choose your lottery numbers? Many of us use birthdays or anniversaries, others just ask for a random set to selected for them. Not so, Stefan Mandel who has used  his impressive mathematical skills to create what’s become known as a ‘Lottery Winning Formula.’

Hailing from Romania, Stefan Mandel is an economist and also a prolific lottery winner. His methods have intrigued players for years but just how does it all work?

Just what is combinatorics?

Here’s where it gets a little bit technical. Mandel uses combinatorics which looks at counting and arranging probabilities. He has adopted this principle to help create selections that have greatly increased his chances of winning lottery prizes.

Probability looks at the chance of an event happening. It’s used in betting when bookmakers decide what odds to give on for example Manchester City winning the Champions League. When it comes to lottery games, Mandel looks at how frequently numbers are being drawn. Patterns are identified and this determines the numbers he feels are likely to create lottery wins.

Another practice adopted by the economist is to play lotteries where the jackpot will rollover. This is better than playing one where the top prize remains the same for each draw.

Perfectly legal

There has been skepticism about what Mandel does but it’s all completely legal. He’d soon be in trouble for breaking lottery rules. His methods have produced big wins though and that can’t be denied.

They don’t win all the time of course. It’s still down to luck which numbers are drawn. It wouldn’t be much fun if we all used his methods. A jackpot would be won by so many players, the amount winners receive wouldn’t be a great deal.

His method of playing does need a lot of data collection and that’s something he specializes in. It’s not perhaps something that the everyday player who buys tickets from Lottery24 can do. However, if it’s a EuroMillions Superdraw or a billion dollar plus Mega Millions draw, you could take some time to research recent results. Who knows what might happen!

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