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Cautious Spending Plans for R126m South African Powerball Winner
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Cautious Spending Plans for R126m South African Powerball Winner

A woman from Johannesburg in South Africa has won an R126 million (£6.5 million) Powerball jackpot. The May 20 winner has said she’ll be spending her winnings cautiously.

It took her over a week to come forward and claim her fantastic jackpot win. The winner enjoys going for a run and it was her running partner who told her about the South African Powerball jackpot being won. That led to her finally checking her ticket, though she never dreamed that it would result in her discovering she was a millionaire.

Winning such a huge amount is a major shock for anyone. Speaking about her win, she said of that discovery: “I was in complete disbelief, and I felt elated.”

Coming to terms with her win isn’t easy though. The South African Powerball winner admits that she “had yet to digest the news” and needs time to “re-evaluate the situation and apply my mind.

The spirit of gratitude

“I believe the spirit of gratitude and giving is what has landed me here at this point in my life,” added the delighted but rather shocked player.

The Powerball winner said that she usually plays the South African Powerball draw twice a week. However, no more than R50 (£2.60) is ever spent on purchasing tickets. Despite becoming a millionaire, she intends to continue playing the lottery, but any future winnings will be donated to charity.

Don’t expect to see a great deal of the South African Powerball winner in the future. Her plan is to “keep a very low profile.” Both she and her partner are “very conservative people” and definitely not “splashy, big spenders.” 

No Ferrari

All of which means there won’t be any Ferrari’s purchased with her winning Powerball winnings. The couple has been looking to buy a new house for some time now. This win will “fast-track the process of finding it,” she said. A home with a garden and enough room to entertain guests is their dream property. The lucky player will also travel around the globe thanks to her lottery success.

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