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Charleston Powerball winner took some persuading to believe he’d won $2 million
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A man from Charleston in South Carolina, USA, has revealed that he took some persuading when a store clerk told him he’d won $2 million on the Powerball lottery.Robert Thomas, along with his wife Mary, won a huge $2 million prize on the Powerball lottery drawing which took place on July 11th. Mr Thomas told lottery officials that when he checked his lottery ticket at his local store, the Fas Check on Campbell’s Creek Drive in Charleston, where he’d bought the winning ticket, he at first didn’t believe the store owner. A man from California had trouble believing that he’d won $10 million on a scratch card, even when a store clerk confirmed it.“Dave (the store owner) tried to convince me that I won, but I didn’t know whether to believe him or not,” Mr Thomas told lottery officials. His winning ticket matched numbers 19, 21, 27, 46 and 47, missing just the Powerball number of 7 which would have won the couple the jackpot. Earlier this year two friends from Charleston shared $1 million on the Powerball, while a man from Charleston followed up his $1 million Mega Millions win with a proposal to his partner.“When I got home, I told my wife I forgot what I went to the store for before they told me I won $2 million,” the Powerball winner added when he and his wife were at South Carolina Lottery headquarters in Charleston earlier this week. “I’ll pay some bills with it, but it’s security for my wife.”Mr Thomas elaborated and said that the couple have both worked hard for all of their lives, and now they have both encountered some health issues, for which their Powerball winnings will help to take a load off their minds. A man from Ontario in Canada worried his wife about his health issues when he called her with an emergency only to reveal that he’d actually won $1 million on Lotto 649.This is not the first time that Mr Thomas has found luck on the Powerball lottery, as earlier this year he was one of 25 lottery players to win a spot on the Power Cruise which departs in January and gives participants the chance to win multiple prizes during the course of the trip. Earlier this month we told you about a man who had a string of big wins on the Maryland Lottery, including a spot on the very same Power Cruise.Why don't you try your luck and purchase your tickets online at