ChatGPT Predicts the El Gordo de Navidad Winning Numbers

ChatGPT Predicts the El Gordo de Navidad Winning Numbers

ChatGPT Predicts the El Gordo de Navidad Winning Numbers

ChatGPT seems to be capable of almost anything but could it win you a big lottery prize? Data has been studied that apparently reveals the two numbers most likely to help you  win the jackpot in the December 2022 El Gordo de Navidad draw.

The traditional Spanish lottery has a total prize fund of €2.59 billion. When first held in 1812, no one had a clue just how technology would develop over the next two centuries.

Artificial intelligence technology has been used to study data for El Gordo de Navidad draws held between 1812 and 2022. A total of 210 numbers have been drawn over that lengthy period

However, lottery numbers for this draw aren’t like the ones you use for most draws. There are 185 million El Gordo de Navidad tickets that are available to be purchased. They are sold in series each with ten tickets.

Players buy tenths as they hope to land the top prize of €4 million. If they do, then a tenth of that amount is won.

The winning numbers?

The two possibly successful numbers are 03965 and 02696. News of the supposedly lucky numbers caused a sudden rush for those numbers. Susana Irles has been selling 03695 for seven years but was shocked when all her tickets with that number sold out in an afternoon.

Those numbers are no longer available but it has to be stressed that their selected winning numbers have the same odds as any others of winning a big El Gordo de Navidad prize.

ChatGPT simply isn’t able to predict the result of what is at the end of the day still a game of chance. Don’t therefore let the absence of those supposed winners put you off buying an El Gordo de Navidad ticket from Lottery24.

Lucky locations?

ChatGPT has also predicted where the lucky winners will come from in this year’s draw. Santa (very appropriate) Cruz de Tenerife or La Cordobesa in Elche are the forecasted successful locations. Only time will tell if they are correct.

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