€2.59 billion Prize Fund for 2023 El Gordo de Navidad

€2.59 billion Prize Fund for 2023 El Gordo de Navidad

€2.59 billion Prize Fund for 2023  El Gordo de Navidad

We’re just over a month away from the 2023 El Gordo de Navidad draw. It takes place on December 22 and this year’s prize fund is a bumper €70 million higher than in 2022.

This week saw the President of State Lotteries and Betting (LAE)  Jesus Huerta Almendro hold a press conference about the 2023 El Gordo de Navidad, Spain’s Christmas lottery. He confirmed that this year the lottery will have an amazing prize fund of €2.59 million.

More tickets available

It’s a massive year for players as there’s also 185 million tickets being sold which is a rise of five million from last year.

The first prize will be €4 million for the winning series. They are sold in tenths so that means each of the lucky holders of the winning number will receive €400,000. Imagine if a ticket bought from Lottery24 won you that amount just three days before Christmas?

There are plenty of other prizes in this historic draw. For example, the second prize is €1.25 million (€125,000 per tenth) and €500,000 (€50,000 per tenth) for the third tier.

Sales for this year’s El Gordo de Navidad began in July. Mr Almendro says he expects sales figures to be good and inflation is not hitting the amount of tickets being sold.

The draw that unites us

The president said that again the Christmas lottery will as has been the case for the past five years have the motto: “The draw that unites us”, something very important at present.

This lottery isn’t just about seeing its players hopefully win a big prize. It also helps raise money for social programs in Spain. The past five years has seen €108 million be raised with over five million vulnerable people being given assistance.

This has included donations to the Red Cross, the Spanish Association Against Cancer and Cáritas.

Speaking about this, the president said that the lottery “contributes its grain of sand to progress and move forward together. In short, to build a better society.”.

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