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Christmas comes early for Essex laundry man thanks to the EuroMillions
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With just over a week to go for Christmas, an unexpected financial injection is much appreciated by anybody, especially an Essex man who won £1 million on the EuroMillions.Iain Cockburn, who is from Clacton in Essex, won his £1 million lottery jackpot after he bought a EuroMillions ticket from his local McColl’s newsagents close to his home. He told lottery officials that it took him until the next day until he realised that he might have won a bit on money on his ticket, and in fact he’d matched one of the two UK Millionaire Maker prizes.Other recent Essex winners include a shop worker who won on a national lottery scratch card that she bought from her own store, and a full-time carer who won £3 million on a lottery ticket she bought at the last minute. “I’m a man of habit,” Mr Cockburn told EuroMillions officials as he collected his £1 million EuroMillions cheque. “I usually buy my tickets at the local newsagents and also have them checked there too.”His routine last Saturday was exactly the same, however, the response from the cashier was a little different when he handed the ticket over. “Unlike the times when they say, ‘nothing on that’ or ‘congratulations, you’ve got a small win’, this time they checked my EuroMillions ticket and started whispering rather urgently before looking up, grinning, and said, ‘I think you’ve won £1 million.’”Mr Cockburn said that from that point he was in shock, and he told lottery officials that he probably still is. “When I went home and told mum I had won the lottery it felt very strange, as though it was meant to be, but I’ve managed to stay calm ever since.” However, perhaps not as calm as a recent Irish Lotto Plus 1 winner!Finally, the lottery player, who works at a laundry, said that he’s already started planning how he’s going to spend his winnings, and the first on his list will be his dream home, just like many lottery winners do, including a winner of £30,000 on the UK Lotto from the north east, and a couple who won $1 million on the New Zealand Lotto First Division. “While we won’t be in before Christmas, it’s certainly the best Christmas present we could ever have hoped for,” Mr Cockburn finished.For your chance of also becoming a winner this Christmas, purchase your lottery tickets online at