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Christmas Gift Wins $1.57m Tatts Lotto Prize
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Christmas Gift Wins $1.57m Tatts Lotto Prize

We all love to receive a Christmas gift, but some are more special than others. A couple from Hobart in Tasmania, Australia was given a lottery ticket for Christmas by a family member. Little did they know that in the Saturday 2 January TattsLotto draw, it would win them a $1.57m prize.

In fact, it took them a whole week before discovering their fantastic win. The ticket was not registered, so the lottery company were unable to contact them. Instead, they had to wait for the lucky winners to get in touch with them.

$1.57m Winning ticket left at home

The draw had a $30m jackpot and 19 tickets were Division One winners. That saw each winning ticket receive $1,578,947.37. However, the couple had been spending a few days away in their caravan and left the TattsLotto ticket at home.

Then the family member who’d gave them the ticket contacted them. They had heard of the unclaimed TattsLotto winning ticket and said, “it could be you!” They replied: “we doubt it!!” and continued enjoying their break.

On returning home, they finally checked the ticket which was on the fridge door. To their shock, the couple discovered it had made them lottery millionaires. “I couldn’t believe it! We’d been over a million dollars richer for a week and didn’t know it,” said the surprised winner who joyfully added, “We could have bought more food and wine on our trip! We could have kept going!”

Still in Shock

The news of their TattsLotto success still hasn’t sunk in. “We haven’t really come to terms with it! We’re still in shock!” the delighted wife said. “Our brains are just full of everything we can do with this win. We don’t really know how we are going to enjoy it just yet!”. Their winning TattsLotto ticket had been purchased from the Nextra Channel Newsworld in Kingston. The shop is owned by Michael Ditcham who is delighted to hear the news. “We are so pleased our winners have discovered their win and can now spend time planning on how they will enjoy it!” he said.

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