Christmas Loving Couple Win $1m NZ Lotto Prize

Christmas Loving Couple Win $1m NZ Lotto Prize

Christmas Loving Couple Win $1m NZ Lotto Prize

Christmas is so important for a couple from Christchurch that they missed the December 6 NZ Lotto draw. When finally checking the news. they heard someone had won $1 million and it turned out to be them.

The couple were busy watching a Christmas movie and all thoughts of the draw went out of their heads. Once it was over, they turned on the news at around 9.30pm and heard that a $1 million prize had been won by a ticket sold in Christchurch.

Could they be the NZ Lotto winners?  They quickly went onto the MyLotto app to check the results and the female half of the couple explained that she “couldn’t believe it when all our numbers started lining up. My heart was racing.”


That’s because the app told her their ticket was a Major Winner. Then the couple saw that they were indeed the $1 million winners. Her husband began screaming while her reaction was to “burst into laughter.”

When a big win comes along, believing it has actually happened isn’t easy. This couple were no exception and kept watching a replay of the NZ Lotto draw around ten times.

Late to bed

An early night was out of the question after news like that. They ended up going to bed “a lot later than usual.” When they did finally go to bed, her husband couldn’t sleep but his wife “slept like a baby knowing we’d won.”

The following day an email from NZ Lotto confirmed that they had won $1 million. “That made it real” said the winning woman. Despite their big win the couple are still working. It’s not been an easy task for the newest millionaires in Christchurch and she joked:: “it’s hard to concentrate.”

Not long ago,  a couple from Hamilton won $8.33 milion on the Lotto NZ,  and initially thought it was too good to be true.

They see their win as Christmas coming early for them this year and will set them up for the future. The NZ Lotto winners also can’t wait to help their families. Before that begins, they have been celebrating their windfall with takeaways and champagne.

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