£66,666 Postcode Lottery Win for Mrs Christmas

£66,666 Postcode Lottery Win for Mrs Christmas

£66,666 Postcode Lottery Win for Mrs Christmas

Christmas is nearly with us and 15 players from Old Kilpatrick in Scotland are already celebrating. They’ve  won a Postcode Lottery prize  and for one winner it’s came at the right time of the year.

Most wonderful time of the year

Elaine adores this time of year and has already got her decorations up. 2021 even saw her hold a Christmas garden party in July. No wonder she’s nicknamed ‘Mrs Christmas’ and this year will be even more special after a £66.666 win on November 25.

The grandmother won her prize exactly one year after beginning to play the Postcode Lottery. Not surprisingly, one of her immediate plans is to “give all the family a great Christmas.” Also planned is a holiday in Hawaii and to visit her cousin in Australia.

Surprise win

Another £66,666 winner was Kirsty and it came as a big surprise for her partner Tony. He had no idea that she’d been playing the Postcode Lottery for the past 12 years. Tony was at work when receiving a surprise phone call from his partner.

The couple now plan to extend their home so there’s more room for their four children. Kirsty is rather keen on buying a Chanel handbag and having a very special 2024. After 23 years with Tony, they now plan to get married but probably not until next winter.

New car for James

Looking to buy a new car is James, another of the £66,666 Postcode Lottery winners. He then wants to go to Spain to visit friends who live there.

He’s also keen on more home improvements, something he’s been rather busy doing already. A downstairs room and bedroom was turned into Pitchy’s Bar 54 in March. It’s ideal for having friends around and now he has something to really celebrate.

The Postcode Lottery winner is also a fanatic collector of watches. He already has 20 and more will be on the way. However, it might be for his son’s Christmas present rather than for himself. “ I'd feel guilty if I buy myself another one,” he joked.

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