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Cottingham Postcode Lottery Winners Off to the Mediterranean
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Cottingham Postcode Lottery Winners Off to the Mediterranean

A village in Yorkshire, England is celebrating a September Postcode Lottery Street Prize success. Eight residents in Cottingham won at least £30,000 with one scooping £90,000.

The lucky £90,000 winner is Rita who is a retired nurse. It was her postcode HU16 5LQ that won her this great prize and Rita had three tickets, hence her fantastic win.

Better than a glass dish

The Postcode Lottery winner was with her husband Ron when discovering they’d won a huge amount. Speaking about her windfall, Rita said: “It’s a miracle. The only thing I’ve ever won is a glass dish at Hull Fair when I was 12 - £90,000 is a bit better than that!”

It’s all been a bit emotional for her husband. He said that they had never had this amount of money in their life. “I can’t explain how I’m feeling. It’s just amazing,” he said.

Rita and Ron have been married for over sixty years. Their Postcode Lottery win will allow them to finally be able to go on a Mediterranean cruise.

Another couple celebrating a big win is Stephen and Valerie. They both have tickets so won a total of £60,000. Some people take a while to work out just how to spend their lottery winnings. Not Valerie though, she wants to visit her son in San Diego and buy some garden furniture too,

They are also planning going on a cruise, possibly to the eastern Mediterranean. Stephen said that he wasn’t expecting their Postcode Lottery win to be so high and said “it does knock you back a bit.”

On top of the world

 One of the £30,000 Postcode Lottery winners is Susan. The Cottingham resident says she feels “on top of the world” but joked “I just hope I don’t fall off!”

The Postcode Lottery winner has been having problems with her hip for most of the year. “Hopefully my luck is changing now,” she said. Her husband Bill was planning to celebrate the win with a Scotch whiskey.

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