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COVID High Fives for $250,000 Ontario Lottery Winner
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COVID High Fives for $250,000 Ontario Lottery Winner

When a big lottery win comes along, you want to be celebrating it with your family and friends. That wasn’t the case for Eugene Fradsham from Bolton in Ontario, Canada. He won $250,000 on an Ontario Lottery scratchcard but celebrated with strangers.

The 64-year-old grandfather is a regular player of lottery games. He loves to play the new games that are released. That led him to play the new Ontario Lottery Instant Hit it Big Game. The lucky player was in the George’s convenience store on Highway 50 in Bolton. He decided to try his luck on the new game, never believing it’d win him $250,000.

In fact, when he purchased and then scratched off his card, he didn’t think he’d won that big a prize. “I thought I’d won $25 at first,” he recalled. Then he took another look at the Ontario Lottery Instant Hit It Big Game scratchcard and received a massive surprise.

Look at the extra zeros

This time when he looked, he saw all the extra zeros and realised his win was actually a quarter of a million dollars. “My hands were shaking as I signed the ticket,” said the big winner. He didn’t have anyone to celebrate with, or did he?

The excitement in the convenience store wasn’t restricted to just Eugene. As others saw that something exciting had happened, it was time to celebrate. “Everyone in the store was giving me ‘COVID high fives’ from 10 feet away,” Fradsham recalled.

He still can’t quite believe that he has won $250,000 on the Ontario Lottery scratchcard. “It’s still surreal. I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. My mind can’t get around $250,000!”

Planning for retirement

How will he be spending his Ontario Lottery winnings? He plans to invest some of his $250,000 as he prepares to go into retirement. There will be some treats though. Again, thinking about his retirement, Eugene wants to buy himself a bicycle. That will “help keep me fit into my retirement years,” he said.

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