Crowning Glory Thanks to Postcode Lottery Win

Crowning Glory Thanks to Postcode Lottery Win

Crowning Glory Thanks to Postcode Lottery Win

There are many items you can buy if a lottery win comes along. For a Postcode Lottery player from Sutton Coldfield in England, he’s going to buy his daughter a new tooth.

Perfect timing

Kevin won £142,857 in the Postcode Lottery and it came at just the right time. The night before he found out how much he’d won, his daughter cracked a back molar. Her father will now pay for a new crown.

It’s a double celebration for the daily as his partner Rita also has a ticket. That means she’s also won a £142,857 Postcode Lottery prize.

It was a big shock for Rita who said: “It's always us two that never wins anything.” Plans for their win include upgrading planned trips to Belfast and the Greek isle of Zanti. The win comes just as they celebrate being together for 23 years. Rita has another treat in mind, she wants a diamond ring.

No idea

Gabrielle also won a £142,587 prize and had to admit something to her husband Pete. He had no idea that she played the Postcode Lottery. Only when she received a call informing her she’d won did the truth come out. He didn’t even know what the Postcode Lottery is but certainly does now.

Her shocked husband joked that it was a good job he’d taken his blood pressure tablets that morning. They also have a big anniversary coming up this year. It’s their 40th wedding anniversary and they had already decided to go on a Barbados cruise. Now they’ll be staying in a balcony room rather than an inside cabin.  Recent Postcode Lottery winners in Shropshire were also set to celebrate an anniversary.

They also want to help their two children, their partners and three grandchildren take a family holiday. July will see them going on a trip to Salou which is on Spain’s Costa Daurada. Before that, there’s going to be another holiday at the Bluestone National Park Resort but this time with 18 family members enjoying the break.

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