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Cumbrian family set to enjoy the best Christmas ever after EuroMillions win
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A family from Cumbria in the North West of England are set to enjoy what they are dubbing “the best Christmas ever” after they scooped more than £380,000 on the EuroMillions lottery.Darren Hammond, a firefighter from Ambleside, will be able to treat his three children and his wife this year, because his lucky dip ticket for last Friday, December 12th, matched all of the five main numbers and one out of the two lucky stars in the draw. The total prize of £381,582.80 which Mr Hammond won will be added to the prize that his wife won in the same draw, although Mrs Hammond’s scoop was a slightly less impressive £10.The firefighter plays the EuroMillions online, and he told lottery officials that he first thought he had won £381 when he saw his winning email, and it took several minutes for the reality of his EuroMillions win to sink in. “I just didn’t see the extra numbers initially,” said Mr Hammond, continuing to say that he asked his wife to check the EuroMillions numbers as well because he thought he was dreaming.“When we realised that we really had won over £381,000, we just screamed with delight.” The family were overjoyed to have such a lucky day, with two EuroMillions wins in the family and one of them being life changing; “The win has come at the perfect time, just before Christmas,” said Mr Hammond.The EuroMillions winner is now looking forward to giving his family the Christmas that he has always wanted to, and he says that thanks to his big lottery win it will be the “best Christmas we have ever had.” Mr Hammond plans to buy plenty of extra gifts for underneath the Christmas tree, and he is also going to invest in a new family car and possibly a convertible for Mrs Hammond.The EuroMillions winning family will take their time over Christmas to really let the news sink in, and after they have enjoyed their best Christmas to date they will think sensibly about how they want to spend their winnings.In the next EuroMillions draw on Friday 19th the estimated jackpot is £11m. Don’t miss this chance and purchase your tickets online at