Decision to Carry on Playing Produces £100,000 Postcode Lottery Win

Decision to Carry on Playing Produces £100,000 Postcode Lottery Win

Decision to Carry on Playing Produces £100,000 Postcode Lottery Win

Don’t consider quitting a lottery just because you don’t win right away. Valentina from Wokingham in Berkshire, England, nearly quit playing the Postcode Lottery but didn’t and has just won £100,000.

Eight other neighbours were successful in the draw and one lucky player had two tickets and won £200,000.

Eating my words

It was her husband Brian who talked his wife out of quitting and no wonder he said: “Thank goodness we didn’t cancel.” Valentina admits that she’s now “eating my words” and joked that if she had quit then her husband “wouldn’t have talked to me for a few months.” A couple from Whitchurch in England also  considered quitting playing the Postcode Lottery  but then won £200,000.

Their Postcode Lottery win came just in time to buy some great Christmas presents. Brian plans to possibly upgrade his Honda VFR motorbike. His wife wants to buy something she’s dreamed of for a while. Not a new car but some posh HexClad pots and pans.

Off down under

Another £100,000 Postcode Lottery winner was Jason and a trip to Australia is on its way for his elderly parents Erica and Clive. That means they’ll be able to visit their other son who lives there. Another plan is that the family goes to Thailand and his brother “meets us in the middle.” 
Jason had already been told he’d won a prize but never dreamed it would be as much as £100,000. The surprised winner joked; “It’s £99,000 more than I thought it would be."

Even happier now

Last month saw a survey published that named Wokingham as one of the happiest places to live in Great Britain. Another of the £100,000 Postcode Lottery winners is Russell and he declared: “It’s just become even happier today!”

His win will see his family taking a trip to Disneyland and a new car is also on its way to replace their 10-year-old Vauxhall Zafira.

Unlike Valentina, he’s never thought of stopping buying tickets. He admitted that he’s “a bit of a chancer” and “always plays the lottery.”

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