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Don’t tell these furniture makers that 13 is an unlucky number
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A group of 13 furniture makers from Hereford are celebrating after winning £224,225 in the May 2nd EuroMillions draw.There’s always been a major debate over whether the number 13 is lucky or unlucky. Well a group of 13 furniture workers from Hereford certainly believe it’s lucky after they won £224,225 in the May 2 EuroMillions draw. Each member of the syndicate will walk away with just over £17,000.The lucky 13 has been together for 18 months and all are big fans of local Conference side Hereford United and received their winning cheque at the club’s Edgar Street ground. With the club currently in financial trouble perhaps the syndicate might consider making a donation to their beloved club.Syndicate leader, Jeremy Norledge, 50, told reporters that he usually leaves it for a couple of days before checking the winning numbers. However he was a bit bored on Saturday morning so went online to check the results and got the shock of his life: “I just couldn’t believe it – I asked my partner Sue to double check before I rang Clive Hooper, who is in the syndicate too. Then it was a case of ringing around the other syndicate members to let them know. They really were the best calls I’ve ever had to make.”He added: “I always buy four weeks’ worth of lucky dip tickets and then a separate one for the fifth week, which was this week – so glad I did as my special trip was definitely worth it.”Jeremy plans on treating his partner Sue to a new dishwasher and helping his 22-year old daughter, Rachel, pay for her upcoming wedding. Other members of the syndicate are planning to buy a new car, a state of the art TV and a greenhouse.The lucky winners work at I and JL Brown Antiques in Hereford and purchased their Lucky Dip ticket at The Copper Kettle newsagents on Aylestone Hill in Hereford.The syndicate’s winning numbers were 4, 30, 31, 38 and 42 and the lucky stars were 2 and 11, so not a 13 lucky or otherwise in sight.Purchase your EuroMillions lottery tickets online at