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Double the stake results in $60m Lotto Max jackpot
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A syndicate of nine work colleagues from Montreal in Quebec are celebrating after they decided to buy additional tickets and won a $60m jackpot in the December 22 Lotto Max draw.It’s the third time in 2017 that a Lotto Max jackpot has been won in Quebec. June saw Ann-Marie Francis, and her husband, Ian Warcup, win a $55m Lotto Max jackpot. The following month, David Beudry from Quebec won $10m playing Lotto Max.The winning syndicate all work for a multi-industry company in Downtown Montreal and will share their winnings in equal shares. Their winning Lotto Max ticket was purchased from Provigo Le Marché in Montreal and their winning numbers were 13-16-19-21-24-26-30.It was syndicate member Enzo Scattone who first heard that a syndicate from Quebec had won the Lotto Max jackpot. He checked their numbers online and then started crying and thinking of his family as he realized the syndicate were the jackpot winners.Another syndicate member, Julie Béland, noticed that she had 13 missed calls on her phone and all were from others in the syndicate. She immediately thought the worst and was worried that something bad had happened, it was the exact opposite though.Béland had also heard that a syndicate with nine members had won the Lotto Max jackpot. She called one of her colleagues who stunned her when saying "It's us!" Julie wasn’t sure what was that meant but then she finally realized they had won the $60m Lotto Max jackpot. They are the latest syndicate to win a big prize after a group of residents in Ontario won a $10m Lotto Max jackpot. Also celebrating in Ontario were a syndicate of five mothers who landed a $1m Lotto 6/49 prize.The lucky Lotto Max syndicate have been buying tickets together for nearly two years but only bet small amounts. "We would get all giddy when we won $10. Imagine now!" said Béland. With the Lotto Max jackpot so high, they decided to bet double their usual amount and it paid off. That’s just what happened to Richard Thompson from Ontario who decided to change his routine and purchased a $150,000 winning scratch card.Julie added that their Lotto Max jackpot win won’t change their life goals commenting, “All the projects we had planned before this money are the same. Now we have more possibilities to complete what we had in mind. We will remain grounded.”Why don't you try your luck and purchase your lottery tickets online at