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Dream Birthday Purchase for £3.6m EuroMillions Winners
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Dream Birthday Purchase for £3.6m EuroMillions Winners

Winning a big EuroMillions prize can make dreams come true. That’s been the case with Helen and HGV driver Lee Kuchczynski from Morecambe in England. Helen bought a new house to celebrate her 58th birthday after winning £3.6 million on July 12.

Last Tuesday saw a ticket sold in the UK win the record £195.7million EuroMillions jackpot. The winner has claimed their prize and so have this Lancashire couple.

More than 40p

Helen used to play once a week but hoping for a change of luck recently started playing more often. When seeing an account balance of over £3.6 million rather than 40p, she initially thought the decimal point was in the wrong place or it was a scam.

Her daughter also checked and said: “Mum, I really think it’s real.” The claim line wasn’t open so the pair had seemingly endless cups of coffee.

Once the win was confirmed, Helen phoned Lee, who was driving his HGV van.  His wife asked him to pull over as her news “might be shocking.” It was but in the best way possible.

In all, Helen and Lee won £3,665,079.10. Buying their dream home ends years of renting properties and it’s something they thought they’d never be able to afford.

Helen says that all changed when “Lady Luck more than smiled at us.” The scheduled birthday celebration was going to be a Chinese takeaway while watching the television. Instead, they bought a “whopping detached house with all the mod cons,” and it has electric gates.

Strange first purchases

However, their first purchases weren’t quite what you’d expect of EuroMillions winners. Helen revealed she bought two bags of cat litter and Lee got a new back-scratcher. “Not sure if that is living the high life,” joked Helen.

Lee has also treated himself thanks to their EuroMillions win. He’s bought his dream car, an Audi RS4 Avant. He retired soon after learning of their win. His wife will continue working as a financial administrator but possibly reduce her hours. Tomorrow’s EuroMillions jackpot is £22 million.

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