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Dublin bus drivers collect their €24 million EuroMillions winnings – in a Dublin bus
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The group of 22 Dublin bus drivers who won €24 million on the EuroMillions lottery turned up to collect their winnings the only way they could – in a Dublin Bus.The group of lottery winners, who all work at the Broadstone bus depot in the north of the city, turned up to Dublin lottery headquarters in the bus that read “winners on board” on the doors and the windows, and they were all clearly delighted to be there. Stepping off onto the red carpet, the bus drivers are made up of 20 senior drivers, one inspector and one who is retired, and they couldn’t keep the smiles from their faces.Each of the Dublin EuroMillions winners will take home €1,083,866.36 from the prize which was worth just under €24 million, and as they showed up to collect their prize they were greeted with applause and a loud cheer from locals who had gathered to see the famous EuroMillions winners, who didn’t show up to work on the Monday after their win. However, Craig Shearer, 51, who is one of the winners and has been driving Dublin busses for 32 years, said that they will all continue to work and assured to public that they’d all be back to work the following day, unlike a recent Powerball winner who immediately quit his job after winning $1 million.“Although,” he admitted. “That could change on an icy cold December morning.” Mr Shearer continued to tell lottery officials of his shock when he found out that he’d become a millionaire together with all of his workmates. “One of my colleagues rang me and said, ‘Are you sitting down?’ – and of course I didn’t believe him at first.”Mr Shearer said that the group has been playing the same numbers together for years, and because he had a copy of them at home, he was able to check them together with his wife. However, he admitted that it still didn’t quite sink in. “As soon as we got off that bus and everybody was waving it suddenly hit me – this is real, this is real.”Just like a UK Lotto jackpot winner who was also a bus driver, the Dublin winners all have different plans for their winnings, but Mr Shearer said that the win is like a second jackpot for him as he beat leukaemia recently, so he plans to do a lot of travelling. Other ideas for their money included new cars, helping out family and more holidays.No matter what are your plans for your lottery windfall, take the first step and purchase your lottery tickets online now at