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Dublin grandmother rewarded for good deed with Lotto scratch card win
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A grandmother from Dublin showed her generous side when she offered a homeless man a bed and was rewarded moments later with Lotto scratch card win.The kind-hearted Dublin woman was rewarded for her good deed when she won €50,000 on a National Lottery scratch card, and she told lottery officials that just moments before she had offered a homeless man money so that he could find a bed for the night. “I was meeting my friend for a coffee and, while I was waiting, I started talking to a man who had obviously come upon hard times,” the scratch card winner explained. An Irish Lotto winner from Cavan had her father’s good deed to thank for her €112,469 win last year when she didn’t have time to buy the ticket herself.“I gave him just a small amount of money which he was going to use to get some shelter for the night,” said the lucky lottery player, who wanted to keep her win private. “He was incredibly grateful, and he promised me that my act of kindness would be rightly rewarded in time,” the man even went on to promise the Dublin woman that her next National Lottery purchase would be lucky. Many lottery winners turn their big wins into good deeds, such as a Lotto Max winner from British Columbia in Canada who gave back to his local community after winning $500,000.After the conversation, the grandmother decided to test that luck out, and she bought an All Cash Extravaganza scratch card at a newsagent before meeting her friend. “I had a €20 win to collect on a previous scratch card so instead of taking the cash I decided to buy another,” she explained, adding that she never would have considered doing that before. Another Irish grandparent vowed to give all of their €200,000 Irish Lotto win away to their grandchildren, while a family syndicate from Dublin said that the youngest members of the family would be the ones to benefit the most from their €4.5 million Irish Lotto win.Scratching the ticket off over coffee with her friend, the pair couldn’t believe it when they realised that it was worth €50,000. “We thought there was a mistake until we called the National Lottery,” the lucky scratch card winner said. A UK Lotto winner from Gloucester in England made a mistake when he thought he’d won £240,000 when he’d actually scored the £24.43 million jackpot.The Dubliner said that she hasn’t thought about how she’ll spend the money, but she is determined to enjoy her lucky scratch card win.Any day could be your lucky day at