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Emotional reunion due for £500,000 Thunderball winners
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Emotional Reunion for Thunderball Winners

Colin and Alison Wright from Pontywaun in Wales will be travelling all around the UK from now on thanks to winning the top prize of £500,000 in the February 17 Thunderball draw.The Welsh couple join Englishman Stuart Andrew Sussex as winners of a £500,000 Thunderball jackpot. They have long dreamed of owning a caravan or motorhome and even before their Thunderball winnings they had put down a deposit on a motorhome.Colin, 63, and Alison, 60 plan to pay off their mortgage, take early retirement and then start travelling the UK in their new motorhome. They can visit relatives more, travel around Scotland and Alison can go to Australia to visit her best friend who she hasn’t seen for 20 years. £137,945.40 EuroMillions winners John and Jenny Taylor from England also headed down under.Colin says that he’s been playing the lottery since its beginnings, usually buying tickets on Tuesdays on his way home from work, just one line using birthdays for his numbers just like $1m Powerball winner Johana Moreno from Connecticut. The numbers drawn in the February 17 Thunderball draw were 09-16-21-24-27 and the Thunderball 13.The day after the Thunderball draw he got “a bit of a shock” when realizing they’d won the top prize. He shouted to his wife ‘Get down here now’ and she initially thought he might be having a heart attack until he told her ‘I think we’ve won the lottery’.The pair headed to the local Post Office with the husband still in his jogging bottoms and slippers. He just couldn’t talk, and it was his son who told the assistant, ‘I think my dad’s won the Thunderball’, and their Thunderball win was confirmed.Perhaps the win was fate as the week before, Colin had been telling people he was going to win the lottery. In the USA, the sister of Gloria Swanigan from California, told her she’d win the lottery and the next day she won $1m playing Mega Millions.A lucky week followed with two scratchcard wins and £54 profit on a bet on the horses before the Thunderball jackpot win... That’s’ similar to Gordon Rees from Nottingham, England, who had three wins in a day ending with a £1m EuroMillions prize.Amazingly, the couple had an appointment to see a financial advisor the Monday after their Thunderball win. They still turned up but joyfully said, ‘We’ve turned up for something else’.Trust your fate and play online with us at