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EuroMillions player claims prize five weeks after the draw
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A EuroMillions millionaire raffle winner from Wales bizarrely found her winning ticket at the bottom of her handbag, five weeks after the draw took place.Carol Jones, 66, from Conwy had no idea she held the winning ticket until she discovered it hidden at the bottom of her handbag. It was then that the mother of three discovered that she had won an impressive £1 million on the lottery.Buying the ticket for the EuroMillions draw on February 24th, Mrs Jones promptly forgot about the ticket and allowed it to sit screwed up at the bottom of her handbag for weeks. Over a month later Mrs Jones discovered the ticket in her handbag when she was out at a supermarket doing her weekly shop, and thought about throwing it away until she decided to get it checked in the store in case she had won a few pounds. Little did she know that she had won more than just a few pounds, and the cashier was able to tell her that she was a EuroMillions millionaire raffle winner!Mrs Jones said that it took a long time for the news to sink in, explaining her decision to check the ticket as nothing short of admin; “I just thought I had better check this ticket, I never believed it would be a winning one.” After being told in the supermarket that her lottery ticket had won, Mrs Jones was told to call Camelot in order to discuss claiming her prize, however instead she went to work and carried on with her day as normal.It was only when she got home that the shoe store assistant felt that the truth of winning the lottery started to hit her. “It was only when I got home and made the call that the reality of what was happening to me started to feel real,” she told the assembled press as she posed with an oversized cheque earlier this week.Mrs Jones has already stopped working and has big plans for her windfall, including a safari holiday with her husband, Harold, 64. They have also decided to spend some of their lottery winnings on a new house in the country, ideal for a relaxing and luxurious retirement.“This is just a lovely amount to be able to retire on and to get the house of our dreams, have a wonderful holiday and lots of retirement luxuries,” she said about the £1 million that has now been deposited into her bank account.The EuroMillions raffle pays out £1 million to at least one lottery player for every single draw, and this Friday, April 11th, they are guaranteeing at least 10 raffle millionaires, so get your tickets online now at!