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EuroMillions special Raffle draw creates 10 new millionaires in the UK
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The EuroMillions lottery was drawn last night and resulted in a triple rollover, bringing the jackpot for Tuesday evening’s draw up to a whopping £33 million. On the other hand, the Millionaire Raffle created 10 millionaires in one night!The European lottery game has made hundreds of dream come true since the beginning of the year alone, and last night was no different as, despite the jackpot being without a winner, hundreds of players collected consolation prizes.And there were 10 players in the UK whose consolation prizes were not as meagre as you might think. The EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle created 10 millionaires last night in a special raffle draw to celebrate the lead up to Easter.As well as the raffle winners, there were 11 players across Europe who matched all of the five main numbers and one out of the two lucky stars to win the second tier prize. Matching numbers 8, 12, 19, 30 and 33 and either of the Lucky Stars 4 and 11, each of these ticket holders will win £104,153. Despite the jackpot going without a winner, these players will surely be delighted with their prizes.Perhaps not as delighted as the millionaire raffle winners, however, who will soon be collecting a cheque worth a cool £1 million from lottery officials and somebody who knows just how that feels is Matt Myles, a 27 year old Cargill worker whose dreams came true last Tuesday when he became the only Millionaire Raffle winner in the EuroMillions draw.Mr Myles, from Hereford, who admitted to rarely playing the lottery, bought a ticket on the off chance on Tuesday evening, just hours before the draw took place. Little did he know that the lottery ticket was in fact his ticket to the rest of his life.After discovering at 2am later that night that he had in fact won the Millionaire Raffle, Mr Myles told the local press that he had to be grounded very quickly before spending his money. “I can be a bit stupid with money,” Myles said, explaining that his dad was the first person to make sure that he had sensible plans for his new fortune.Now, less than a week later, Mr Myles is following a lifelong dream and is on his way to Indonesia, where he will start a yearlong tour of the world with his brother. The pair will begin their tour in Bali, before taking in Thailand, Australia, Brazil and America, amongst other places. Using his win as an opportunity to gain more experience of the world, Mr Myles said that he has big plans for the money. “I’ve sorted out my parents and my brother and I’m planning on banking around £800,000 and living off the interest,” he told the press, adding that he still finds it hard to comprehend how life changing buying that ticket was.For your chance to win big on the EuroMillions, buy your tickets for Tuesday night’s draw now at