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EuroMillions winner finds himself in court over £375 bill
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A EuroMillions millionaire is being taken to court by his window cleaner over a bill worth £375, despite the fact that the winner scooped £56 million from the lottery four years ago.Nigel Page, 48, from the Cotswolds, won a EuroMillions jackpot worth £56 million in 2010, which is the UK’s sixth biggest lottery win. The now retired maintenance worker went on to marry his long term partner Justine shortly after his win, and together they moved into a six bedroom eco-home near Bibury in Gloucestershire, complete with a swimming pool, a 25 seat cinema and huge grounds.Unfortunately, Mr Page is now the subject of legal controversy after his window cleaner filed a court case against him when he refused to pay a bill. Steve Rix claims that the lottery winner is withholding payment for the work carried out in his property due to one of the workers taking a photograph of a sports car parked on the driveway.Mr Rix says that his team was recruited by Mrs Page to clean all of the glass on the inside of the house. The work took place in May of this year, during which time a housemaid followed them around the house claiming that the windows had never been so clean.After his staff spent four hours polishing mirrors, glass staircases and cleaning swimming pool windows, amongst others, Mr Rix said that they left and spotted the sports car outside. “On the way out one of the lads saw a McLaren F1 car. He hadn’t seen anything like it before so he took a picture on his phone.”After seeing the incident on CCTV, Mr Page has cited a ‘breach of security’ as his reasons for not paying the bill, while Mr Rix says that the money is half a week’s wages for one of his employees. Mr Page is currently out of the country and was unable to comment to the press about the incident, but has until October 16th to respond to the case filed at the small claims court.