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EuroMillions winner talks about how becoming a millionaire has changed his life
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A EuroMillions winner from Stockton-On-Tees in England has spoken about how, almost two years on, winning a million pounds on the lottery has changed his life for the better.Andy Garth, 40, became a millionaire thanks to the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle on Christmas Day in 2012, and he was able to celebrate his festive period in style after the discovered his win on Boxing Day. The EuroMillions winner recalled recently the moment that he discovered he was a millionaire the day after Christmas Day, and he said that even at that moment he knew that his win would change his life.Having a party in his flat for his birthday, which also falls on Boxing Day, Mr Garth said that he suddenly decided to check his ticket because he saw it on the side and didn’t want it to get damaged. In the mist of the Christmas celebrations, Mr Garth found that his EuroMillions ticket was one of 25 special festive Millionaire Raffle winners, and he began to shake in shock.“Someone notice me stood there shaking a bit and asked, ‘Are you ok Andy?’” the lottery winner recalls, as he continued to tell his local press in Teesside that he had to ask friends to double check the EuroMillions ticket for him in case it was a joke. “Initially I thought someone had given me a joke ticket for my birthday, but I’d won and it’s changed my life,” he said.Mr Garth has, since his lottery win, moved out of his two-bedroom rented flat and bought himself a six-bedroom house in Stockton, as well as adding to his existing VW car by buying an Audi A6. However, the modest EuroMillions winner has insisted that despite being able to pick and choose the jobs that he does, it’s not all about him now that he’s won the lottery.“It’s not about what I can do for me it’s about what I can do for other people,” he said, continuing to say that he has been sharing his good fortune with family and friends. “I’ve also put some money aside for my sister’s kids and she’s trying to buy a new house, so I’ll try and help if I can,” he said.If you wish to follow Andy’s footsteps in becoming next millionaire, don’t forget to purchase your EuroMillions tickets online at