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EuroMillions Winning Couple Helping Clothe Bereaved Children
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EuroMillions Winning Couple Helping Clothe Bereaved Children

It’s always good to see big lottery winners use their windfall to help others. £4.8m EuroMillions winners Susan and Lee Mullen from Grimsby, England are to help two young girls whose father was killed last month.

Tragic Death

The two girls are aged nine and three and their father died after suffering stab wounds. Their mother has been charged with his murder and is in custody. The girls are now living with their paternal grandmother.

An appeal was made to help the two girls with clothes and financial donations. When Susan and Lee heard of this, they soon made a donation. They have pledged to give £500 so that both girls can have a full wardrobe of clothes.

The couple’s EuroMillions win came ten years ago but they could have won two jackpots. They had stopped playing because they felt money could be better spent on looking after their young daughter Sophie. Their regular numbers then came up in a draw, but they missed out. Mrs Mullen had a dream that lightning would strike twice. They began playing again and won their £4.8m jackpot.

Helping Others

Since their EuroMillions win they have founded The Mullen Foundation. This helps young people and children in North East Lincolnshire. This led to the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Baby Bank two years ago being set up by Sue and her daughter Sophie, 19. Its aim is to give assistance to new mothers who may need help with bringing up their children.

Talking about the Baby Bank, Sophie recalled how she felt lucky to have her parents help her with her child. This led to the family thinking others might not be so lucky and unable to have everything needed to look after a baby.

 “The last thing we want is to see any child going without. When we heard about these two, we knew that we'd be able to help them in some way,” said Sophie.

Her hope is that their help will give them “ a bit of brightness in all the dark things that are going on in their lives.”  Over £1,600 has so far been raised to help the two girls.

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