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Family Numbers Win $44 million Lotto Max Jackpot
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Family Numbers Win $44 million Lotto Max Jackpot

Elizabeth and Arlene Lumbo from Toronto, Canada may not be married anymore but remain best friends. They will share a $44 million Lotto Max jackpot won in the July 20, 2021, draw. They have their family to thank for the win.

Why? Well, the numbers that won them their jackpot were chosen by their daughter. They use family birthdates and have been used since the start of the pandemic. The numbers that won them the Lotto Max jackpot were: 02-13-15-19-38-46.

Is the machine broken?

Elizabeth was out running errands when finding out about the Lotto Max win.  When checking her ticket, she heard the checking machine play a jingle. At that point she contacted a clerk, worried that the machine wasn’t working properly.

The machine was perfectly ok and good news was just seconds away. The clerk told her how the Lotto Max ticket had won the jackpot. “When I realized we won $44 million, tears started running down my cheeks,” said the shocked winner.

When telling her children the great news, they didn’t initially believe her. That all changed when a photo of the jackpot winning ticket was sent to them. Now the Lotto Max winner plans on buying a rather large property. The aim is to allow the whole family to live in their own houses “but close together.”

Helping her family

Now the Lotto Max win has been claimed. Elizabeth is delighted she’ll be able to help her family. “It's a beautiful thing to have raised children who have plans on how they want to build their lives," she said. "Now we can make that happen. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I am humbled by this blessing."

The Lotto Max winner works as a customer service representative. There are no plans to quit that job, but she will retire in a few years time. When the pandemic ends, she then plans to travel the world. Who knows, Elizabeth may have more lottery winnings to spend by then. Despite her big win, she plans on continuing to play the Lotto Max draw.

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