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Family Tradition Continues with $100,000 Scratchcard Win
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Family Tradition Continues with $100,000 Scratchcard Win

Some luck is obviously needed if you are to get a big scratchcard win. Does it follow in the family though? Leslie Coughlin from Peterborough in Ontario, Canada believes that’s true after a recent $100,000 scratchcard win.

Her big win came when playing an Instant Multiplier lottery ticket. It had been purchased from a Circle K situated in King Street, Peterborough.

It’s not the first time that her family has had a big scratchcard win. In the past her aunt also enjoyed success with a $77,777 win.

The lucky winner works in retail and will continue to do so. Playing scratchcards is something that she’s been doing for the past decade. Usually, the scratchcards that she purchases cost either $10 or $30. Those have a top prize of $500,000 and the odds of getting a win of some kind is 1 in 3.37.

Leslie may not have won the top prize but is more than satisfied with her $100,000 win. The decision to play the Instant Multiplier scratchcard came because she felt the odds of winning were good. That led to her making regular purchases.

Two big shocks

When checking in the store to see if her scratchcard had won anything, she initially believed it had won $10,000.  “I screamed and called my mom right away”. However, when returning home she took a closer look at the scratchcard and received her second big shock of the day,

She hadn't won $10,000 but actually her win was $100,000. That discovery felt “unreal” for the shocked scratchcard winner.

The 35-year-old scratchcard winner said that her $100,000 winnings will be shared with her family. Talking about her win, Leslie said: “I plan to keep the legacy going and share with my cousin.”

Back to school

Her win will do a great deal for her own future though. Once others have been helped, the remainder of her scratchcard win will be saved and the rest will help her go back to school.

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