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Fantastic Lottery Jackpots on the way this week
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Fantastic Lottery Jackpots on the way this week

The weekend draws were dominated by rollovers. Don’t despair as that simply means there are some fantastic Lottery jackpots to be won in both Europe and the USA.

€136.7m SuperEnalotto Jackpot Tomorrow

Saturday’s SuperEnalotto draw had a massive €135.5m jackpot but still no big winner. Tickets just couldn’t match 16-22-30-40-51-77 and the Jolly 39.

Massive Mega Millions Jackpot on Tuesday

There was a $140m jackpot in Friday’s Mega Millions draw but no winners. The elusive numbers were 01-24-25-40-70 and the Mega Ball 04. The jackpot will be $157m on Tuesday.Players were trying to win the $103m top prize in Saturday’s Powerball draw. The jackpot will be $117m on Wednesday after tickets couldn’t match 04-17-26-32-49 and the Powerball 10.

Will the £21m EuroMillions Jackpot Be Won Tomorrow?

Friday’s EuroMillions draw had a £14.7m jackpot but ended in a rollover. The numbers drawn were 01-28-35-36-46 and the two Lucky Stars 06 and 09. Four tickets won the runners-up prize of €255,487 including two sold in Spain. Tomorrow’s draw has a £21m top prize.

£5.4m UK Lotto Jackpot on Wednesday

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw had a £4.09m jackpot but tickets failed to match 04-10-15-24-37-38 and the Bonus Ball 30. Two tickets took home the £1m runners-up prize. Wednesday’s draw has a £5.4m jackpot. There was a success in Saturday’s Thunderball draw with one ticket landing the £500,000 top prize.

European Rollovers

It was a weekend of rollovers in the main Spanish lotteries. Friday and Saturday’s Bonoloto draws both failed to see the jackpot won, so tonight there’s a €900,000 top prize tonight. There was also a rollover in the La Primitiva draw on Saturday. Thursday’s draw has a €14.3m jackpot. The next El Gordo draw is next Sunday with a €5.4m top prize after a rollover last night.Lotto 6 aus 49 also failed to produce a jackpot winner but there were some near misses. Eight tickets won the runners-up prize of €343.510.The top prize in Friday’s EuroJackpot draw was €39m but there was no jackpot winner. The numbers were 14-16-21-30-37 and the two EuroNumbers 04 and 08. Four tickets won the second-tier prize of €480,924 and another four won €169,737. Friday’s draw has a €51m jackpot.

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