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Florida Lottery Winner to Form Educational Trust in India
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Florida Lottery Winner to Form Educational Trust in India

Krishna Barri from Tampa won a $14.5m Florida Lottery jackpot on December 1. He now intends on using some of his winnings to help less fortunate children in his home country of India.The lucky winner isn’t a regular lottery player but said that he’ll buy a handful of tickets every so often. That’s just what he did for the December 1, Florida Lottery draw when purchasing ten tickets.

Unforgettable Numbers

The numbers that won him the $14.5m jackpot were: 21-30-39-44-45-46 and the delighted winner declared “I won’t forget those numbers anymore.” Some players choose numbers that are birthdays or anniversaries but not this winner. However, he says they mean a lot to him now.The jubilant winner recalled the moment when he discovered he was a lottery millionaire. “I started looking at the tickets, the first ticket, second ticket, third ticket. Oh my god, that’s it! It was an amazing feeling,” said Barri.

Helping Others his Key Aim

Now the Florida Lottery winner intends to pay his win forward. He wants to open a trust in India that will provide education for 100 people. India is his homeland and Barri moved to the USA nearly twenty years ago to continue his studies thanks to help from his brother-in-law.Life hasn’t always been easy for him in his new country. He had to do part-time jobs as well as his Masters to help pay his way. “I worked for a bookstore,” said the generous lottery winner. Now everything has changed, and the trust will have the name of his late brother-in-law.Despite becoming a Florida Lottery millionaire, he doesn’t intend on quitting the IT business he co-runs. “I said the dollar that I bought the ticket came from that job. I have to respect that,” said the level-headed winner.He plans to buy a new house and cars for himself and his wife. Other plans include to help pay for his children to go to college.

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