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Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky for $500,000 Lotto Max winners
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Some people think that Friday the 13th is an unlucky date. Probably not Laurie and Sylvia Cleveland from Digby in Nova Scotia, Canada after they won a $500,000 Lotto Max prize.Laurie, 83, purchased the winning Lotto Max ticket from the Digby Esso station and discovered his win the following day. “I took it to the Esso and gave the ticket to the clerk and she got all excited.” That’s not quite how the winner reacted though, “I didn’t have much of a response. It didn’t really register” he recalled.It’s been an eventful year for Laurie. In April he fell down a 30m embankment in Bayview and suffered from hypothermia leading to him spending 17 days in hospital.When the 83-year-old got home he gave his wife the ticket and said “I’ve got something for you.” Sylvia looked at it and said, “Well it’s $500.” Laurie told his wife to look again and then she realized just how much they had really won. David Hausman from Iowa initially thought he’d won $5,000 but had in fact won a $50,000 Winter White Super Scratchcard prize. In England, Ruth and Peter Doyle thought they’d won £25 but it turned out to be a £1m EuroMillions win.Since learning about the Lotto Max win Sylvia has had trouble sleeping and told reporters she’s looking forward to a good night’s rest. She’d been in Digby on Sunday and had heard gossip about who had won the $500,000 but her husband’s name wasn’t being mentioned. They’re the latest big Lotto Max winners after a woman from Newfoundland and Labrador won $700,000 on the same lottery.The only confirmed plan the couple have for their winnings is to buy a small new car. Laurie says that he enjoys life just the way it is and unlike a lot of lottery winners he has no plans to travel. “I’ve already been around the world. Why would I want to go anywhere?” That’s unlike fellow Canadian Jamie McKenzie who said she’d travel around the world after winning $1m on the Lotto 6/49. In England, Ian Dunn headed to Las Vegas after a £1m National Lottery scratchcard win.Whichever are your plans for your lottery windfall, take the first step and purchase your lottery tickets online now at