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Friends Help Players Win $2 million Scratchcard Prizes
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Friends Help Players Win $2 million Scratchcard Prizes

Karen Urtecho Sandrez and James Gibbs Jr from  North Carolina, USA, won a $2 million scratchcard prize with a little bit of help from their friends.

Receiving a scratchcard as a gift is a pleasant surprise. It’s even better when it makes you a millionaire. A family friend bought a ticket from the Lucia Food Mart on Killian Road in Stanley, and it was a massive shock for the lucky winner.

A Surreal Moment

“It’s kind of surreal,” said Urtecho when claiming her scratchcard windfall at North Carolina Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. The actual size of the win left her in disbelief. “I could not believe it, honestly," she said when looking back at the moment she discovered her big win.  “You read it and you don't believe it."

The scratchcard winner had to decide whether to accept her prize as a one-off payment or as an annuity of $100,000 over 20 years. She decided on the one-off payment of $1.2 million and after taxes have been paid will receive $849,006.

The 100X The Cash scratchcard has been running since December of last year. There are 10 top prizes of $2 million. This latest win was the fourth to be won. James Gibbs Jr. from Greensboro also won the top prize, and he also had a friend to thank for his success.

Good Advice

He was buying coffee when his friend turned up and suggested they buy some scratchcards. It proved to be a good move as they had some success. The store couldn’t pay out the winnings in cash, so his friend recommended they go across the street.

They cashed their winnings in and then bought some 100X The Cash scratchcards. The first won $20 and the other won James the top prize of $2 million. He’s also taken the one-off payment and received the same amount as Karen.

The scratchcard winner says that he will give some of his windfall to the church. He also wants to remodel his house but plans to “just keep on working.”Top of Form

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