£235,293 Postcode Lottery Winner Heading Down Under

£235,293 Postcode Lottery Winner Heading Down Under

£235,293 Postcode Lottery Winner Heading Down Under

Imagine having to rush home from work after being told you’ve just won a Postcode Lottery prize. That’s what happened to a dance teacher from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, England,  and it led to the discovery of a £235,293 win.

Off down under

Dance teacher Anita should have known earlier but had missed several calls from the Postcode Lottery. When they turned up on her doorstep to present the cheque, she was at her dance school so her husband Vince quickly phoned her.

A few quicksteps later she arrived home and the amazing win was revealed. 12 other neighbours won £58,823 but Ann had four tickets so quadrupled that amount.

Her dream now is to go to Australia to see the musical ‘Moulin Rouge.’ There’s a very special reason for doing so as her son Jason is in the cast. Her other son James has also appeared in shows such as ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘Les Miserables.’

The win will also help the couple semi-retire earlier than planned. Helping their children and grandchildren is also planned.

Emotional win

Winning £58,823 was care home worker Caroline. It’s an emotional win for her as the winning ticket was originally bought by her husband Paul who sadly died last year.

The soon-to-be 66-year-old is retiring soon so this Postcode Lottery win has come at a great time. It will allow Caroline to help her family and she said: “that’s what my husband would have wanted.”

A special house

Neighbour Melissa now has another special reason to love her home. She used to be an estate agent 27 years ago and sold the house to John who is now her husband. The £58,823 Postcode Lottery win will be well spent.

Plans include getting a new kitchen and a holiday to New York. The latter will be a great way to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Being able to say to her travel agent “Don’t worry about budget” has really put a big smile on her face. Her husband was planning to celebrate their win with a Chinese takeaway.

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