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Grandchildren set to be spoilt this Christmas thanks to Set for Life lottery win
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A couple from Atlantic Canada who won big on the lottery just before Christmas have surely spoiled their grandchildren this festive season thanks to their $675,000 win.James and Rita Manthorne, from Kingston in Nova Scotia, Canada, got an early Christmas gift from the Atlantic Lottery which they said would go straight towards spoiling their grandchildren over the holidays. The couple, who won their top prize on a Set for Life instant lottery ticket, won a total of $675,000 in cash. An Australian Powerball winner was also keen to spoil her grandchildren after winning $25 million in September.Earlier this year a Canadian Lotto Max winner took home $1 million that she promised to share with her daughter, and Mr Manthorne told Atlantic Lottery officials that he scratched off his Set for Life ticket just after buying it at the Greenwood Mall, Kingston, and put it straight through the self-checking ticket machine after he uncovered three Set for Life symbols. “I play Set for Life maybe a couple times a month,” Mr Manthorne said, continuing to add that when he was visiting the store, they happened to be opening a new packet at which point the grandfather decided to try his luck. A Maryland grandmother also said she’d be using her winnings to make sure her grandchildren have a very happy holiday after winning $50,000 on a scratch card.The ticket tuned out to be a major winner, and Mr Manthorne was able to choose between taking $1,000 per week for 25 years, or a lump sum payment worth $675,000. Mrs Manthorne said that when her husband returned from the mall after his big win, she was totally thrown. Another Nova Scotia couple won the top Set for Life scratch card prize and decided to take lump sum payment which went towards bills and their daughters’ educations.“He usually comes home and says, ‘Here, this is for you,’ and gives me some money,” she explained. “But this time, he called me and said he won. That had never happened before, it threw me off.”The couple plan to use their winnings to buy a new truck, renovate their home just like a Hoosier Lottery winner from Indiana, and spend time with family, most specifically their grandchildren, who will almost certainly be having their best Christmas yet.To be in with a chance of winning, why don’t you purchase your tickets online at