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Grimsby EuroMillions winner to help disadvantaged children this Christmas
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A EuroMillions winner from Grimsby in England is using her good fortune to help those with less of this at Christmas as she campaigns to give disadvantaged children presents this festive season.Sue Mullen, who won £4.8 million on the EuroMillions lottery together with her husband Lee in 2011, has been running appeals for the last four years in an attempt to see those with less fortune than herself enjoy their holidays, just like Tom Crist from Canada did after his $40 million Canadian Lotto Max win. The campaign aims to gather as many gifts as possible for children who are under the care of social services during the holiday season. The EuroMillions Lottery was won last weekend, when two tickets in France shared the jackpot.Mrs Mullen has, for the last four years, run the campaign in conjunction with Grimsby Football Club, but this year she is starting her own appeal, and she told the local press that she will never forget what it feels like to have so little. “My family and I were very fortunate to have been given so much through winning the lottery,” she said. “But I can still remember what it was like before that, when we had nothing, and it is important to me that I am able to help those people out.”National Lottery winners have often given back to their local communities, like when a group of winners from the North West got together last year to help out homeless young people in the area, and Mrs Mullen said that she wants to make sure that on Christmas morning, there is no child in Grimsby who will make up without a Christmas present. “We will be giving out the presents that we have collected to social services two days before Christmas,” she explained, continuing to say that they will save a few behind just in case there are any local families who find themselves in hard times on Christmas Day. Cindy and Mark Hill from Missouri are another pair of lottery winners who gave back, this time donating a big portion of their Powerball win to their local community.Mrs and Mrs Mullen are well known in Grimsby and last year they donated a large chunk of their EuroMillions winnings to their local football team. The appeal doesn’t end with presents, however, and Mrs Mullen said that she always sets aside a certain amount of money every Christmas to donate to charity, and she’s always happy to help out families with things like electricity and other utilities over the holidays. “It is OK having Christmas presents, but people also need heating and the ability to cook dinner,” she said.No matter what are your plans for your lottery windfall, take the first step and purchase your tickets online now at