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Harlem Man to Become a Globetrotter after winning Powerball Jackpot
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Harlem Man to Become a Globetrotter after winning Powerball Jackpot

Robert Bailey from Harlem, New York has come forward to claim his share of the recent $687.8m Powerball jackpot. Now he’s going to be travelling to the Bahamas to avoid the New York winter.

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The Harlem resident is a retired government employee and his win came in the October 27 Powerball draw. The lucky player shared the Powerball top prize with of $687.8m with Lerynne West from Iowa, USA.

Lucky Numbers

The 67-year-old revealed how he’s been “faithfully” playing the same numbers that were given to him by a family member for the past 25 years and says he’ll continue to do so “until this train runs out.” He even bought some tickets on his way to the press conference.

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Mr Bailey has accepted his Powerball winnings as a one-off payment and after tax payments have been made, he’ll receive $125,396,690. He purchased his winning Powerball ticket from the West Harlem Deli Corp. He went there as it was raining and the store is across the street from his apartment.

A sofa surprise

Bailey had been watching college football and it wasn’t until around 11.30pm he checked the results and discovered that his numbers 08-12-13-19-27 and the Powerball had made him a multi-millionaire. “I tried to remain calm and sat down and watch some shows I had on my DVR,” he said. “I didn’t sleep the rest of the night,” he added.He didn’t immediately get in touch with his children but later contacted a lawyer and financial planner. Bailey has pledged “to do the right thing and take care of it (his winnings) for the next generation in my family.” He added that he feels “totally blessed” and his Powerball win is “a good life changer.”

Soak up the sun

Already planned is a trip to Las Vegas and rather than a New York winter, he wants to go to the Bahamas. Also on his shopping list is buying a piece of land for his mother.

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