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Honest Store Owner Returns $1 million winning Scratchcard
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Honest Store Owner Returns $1 million winning Scratchcard

Honesty is the best policy, but would you return a scratchcard that had $1 million but wasn’t yours? That’s just what store owner Abhi Shah from Southwick in Massachusetts, USA, did in March of this year.

The 30-year-old was celebrating and believed that he was now a millionaire.  However, he hadn’t actually bought the winning scratchcard, but members of his family knew who had.

A big decision

For two days Abhi wasn’t sure what to do but after chats with his grandmother and parents who live in India, the decision was made to return the ticket. After all, as he says: “Money is not everything in life.”

So just what happened with this $1 million winning scratchcard? The actual owner was Lea Rose Fiega who believed her  Diamond Millions scratchcard was a loser, so gave it to the Shahs who put it underneath the counter where other returned tickets were kept. Some sill had the chance to win money via second-chance draw.

Ten days later Mr Shah was going through those tickets that an amazing discovery was made. Fiega hadn’t scratched the card properly and it had won $1 million. 

Then came the need to make a decision. Should he keep the scratchcard or let the real winner know of her fantastic piece of luck. Luckily, he knew where Fiega worked, so on March 29 he decided to go there and speak to her.

Am I in Trouble?

He asked the unknowing scratchcard millionaire to come to his store. Am I in trouble was her reply but Shah told her “Don’t worry, it’s going to change your life. Just come to the store.”

The confused woman headed to the Lucky Stop convenience store and was told how she’d won $1 million. At first, she thought it was all a joke and wasn’t amused. Then she saw her scratchcard and the tears and hugs began.

The Shahs may not be millionaires but there is good news for them. They will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning scratchcard. “Honesty is the best policy,” Shah commented. “That’s what matters.”

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