Honeymoon at Last for £76,923 Postcode Lottery Winners

Honeymoon at Last for £76,923 Postcode Lottery Winners

Honeymoon at Last for £76,923 Postcode Lottery Winners

Ashley from South Shields in Tyne and Wear, England can finally go on her honeymoon. That’s because of a £76,923 Postcode Lottery win this month.

The mother-of-four who works as a beauty therapist only started playing the Postcode Lottery two months ago after a friend of hers won £1000. After spending just £24 on tickets, this big win came along for Ashley.  Leyla from Tilbury won £411,238 in this lottery  after spending just £36 on tickets.

The win has happened after a difficult time for Ashley and her husband Colin. Both have lost their father in recent years but this win will put a smile back on their faces.

Disneyland please

Now the couple can take their son and three daughters on a dream holiday. Two of their children have never been on holiday before and don’t own a passport. It’s not been decided yet where they’ll be going but their youngest child, Zara, would love to go to Disneyland.

After that, three years after getting married, it’s finally honeymoon time. They couldn’t have one then because of the pandemic. Now they can’t wait to get some time on their own, something they haven’t been able to do since being married.

Is it a hoax?

Also winning £76,923 is recently-retired grandfather Colin. He initially thought a hoax was being played on him and he deleted the email the Postcode Lottery sent him. Only when he saw a camera crew in the street did he realise this was no hoax.

“It feels fantastic,” said the lucky winner. He’d been working as a buyer at Siemens for 39 years before retiring earlier this year. He’s 60 in September and had already booked a multi-city US road trip. Now he has lots more spending money. He’ll also be treating his five children and five grandchildren.

Beth lives across the road and also won £76,923. The mortgage broker is now planning to take her daughters to Disney World. That would have taken her years to save up for but they’ll be able to go soon.

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