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House Cleaning Disney Geek Finds $1m Powerball Ticket
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House Cleaning Disney Geek Finds $1m Powerball Ticket

It is of course good to give your house a clean every now and then. For Kenneth Morgan from Florida, USA, doing just that changed his life. On July 4, he found a $1 million winning Powerball ticket

He recalled how he found the Powerball ticket in a drawer. It was for the April 17 draw and after checking the results, discovered it had won $1 million. “I’m still in shock,” he laughed.

As with many people, believing a lottery win has been achieved takes a bit of believing. His wife was in total disbelief when told of their Powerball win. “No way!” was her initial reaction.

Responsible Spending

The winner has vowed that he will spend his winnings in a “responsible” manner. That will include paying off the mortgage and helping his family members.  “We’re not going to blow it like crazy,” said the winner. “We’ve been really blessed that this money came in. We just kind of want to help out other people.”

When it comes to other spending items, the customer support worker aims to put a big smile on the face of his wife. “We’re going to remodel the kitchen. That’s about it,” he said.   His wife did ask if a new car was going to be purchased but he replied: “No, my car is fine.” Nor is a new house going to be purchased.

Disney Delights

54-year-old Kenneth describes himself as a “Disney geek.” He’s going to use some of his Powerball winnings to take a trip to Tokyo Disney. Also planned is a trip to see his daughter who is a student in England. The rest of his winnings will ensure a happy retirement.

The lucky winner will receive $600,000 after taxes have been paid. He’s a generous guy though as $1,000 has been given to the woman who sold him his winning Powerball ticket. He is also going to buy a friend in Orlando five tickets for Disney World. That will allow him to take his son there for the first time.

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