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How Record EuroMillions Winners Spent £40 million in Eight Years
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How Record EuroMillions Winners Spent £40 million in Eight Years

It was in 2011 that Scottish couple Colin and Christine Weir won a record £161 million EuroMillions jackpot. Sadly, in December 2019, just two days after Christmas, Colin passed away at the age of 71. Records have now been released that show that the couple spent £40 million between 2011 and 2019.

A financial expert has said that: “Spending £40 million in eight years takes a bit of doing.” Their may have been luxury cars, furniture, jewellery and artworks bought but they also wanted to help others. That including donating millions to the unsuccessful Yes Scotland campaign in the 2014 Independence referendum.

Property Investments

Luxury homes had also been on their shopping list but not always for themselves with several being for friends and family. The couple moved from their bungalow to a four-bedroom detached house set in 23 acres and with a cinema, swimming pool and stables. They sold it at a profit in 2016.

Later they purchased a £3.5 million home near Troon. When the couple split up in 2018, ownership of that property was transferred to Christine. The couple divorced the following year and when Colin died, he was residing in a £1.1 million five-bedroom seafront property in Ayr, Scotland.

A Love of Sport

The couple were big fans of Scottish football club, Partick Thistle. Following their massive win, they wanted to be more than supporters. Several donations were made to the club over the years and this led to one of their stands being named after Colin. Just a month before his death, Colin purchased a 55% stake in the club. The desire was to see the club in the possession of the local community.

Careful Spending

There was no way he was going to squander his winnings and end up in debt. At the time of his death, was owed £679,80 pension payments ad was £37,08 in credit on his council tax. There were dreams of another big win as he had £50,000 invested in National Savings and Investments Premium Bonds. His will includes other trusts being created, so he will be helping people long into the future.

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