Important Decisions for US Lottery Players

Important Decisions for US Lottery Players

Important Decisions for US Lottery Players

There are plenty of decisions to make when playing a lottery. Which game do you play and what do you do with your winnings? Here’s three stories that saw some great decisions made.

Fruit comes first

In Colorado, USA, a $5 million winner going under the name ‘Bud T.’ made a strange choice when deciding what he’d buy first with his windfall..

The 77-year-old had been on a hiking trip and then got a shock when returning home. He’d won a $5,067,041 Colorado Lotto+ jackpot.

Initially he thought it was a mistake but then realised it certainly wasn’t. He accepted his win as a one-off payment of $2.53 million. The lucky lottery player then treated himself to a watermelon and bought his wife a bouquet of flowers. He also wants to make some charitable donations with his winnings.

Merry Christmas

Also feeling charitable is Daniel Reffitt from Kentucky, USA. He wanted to buy a scratchcard but wasn’t sure which one to play. He chose the Precious Metals Titanium game and it won him $500,000.

Feeling in a charitable mood he gave $100 to each of the first guys he saw. It may be a while away but he then wished them “Merry Christmas.”

He then returned home and told his wife the great news. She called him the luckiest man in the world.

Lucky numbers

How do you choose your lottery numbers? A woman from Baltimore in Maryland, USA, used the numbers from a car licence plate and it won her $50,000.

The 50-year-old also owes her win to a decision she made. Previously she had owned a car with the licence plate 91104 which she wasn’t keen on. An attempt was made to change it but eventually she decided to keep it.

Eventually she decided to use that number for the Pick 5 Lottery and it won her the top prize. “I just started crying,” said the lucky player. “I really never thought it would actually come out,” added the lottery winner.

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